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ZtB is a backup tool aimed at home and SOHO users. It creates a backup copy of one or more given folders and it automatically updates it whenever the backup drive is connected. When the backup drive is continuously connected, it updates the backup at regular, configurable intervals. The backups are not compressed or encrypted or packaged, so you can browse the backup folder just as you would browse the original folder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Do I Need any special hardware or any particular type of backup drive?

No. ZtB can use ANY external or internal hard disk drive or flash drive as the backup device. If you are using an external drive, the project will be automatically run every time the drive is connected. For both internal drives and always-connected external drives, the project can (optionally) be run at regular intervals, configurable through options dialog.

Q Do you support backup to network drives?

Yes. Network drives (mapped to drive letters) as well as Network locations (unmapped, but added to the computer via ‘Add a network location’, such as \\Server\SharedFolder) can be used as destination for backups. Make sure you turn on the “Allow projects to be created on mapped network drives” and/or “Allow projects to be created on ‘Network Location’s” in “Options”, as required. These options are off by default, since most users will not need them.

Q How is this better than me copying the folders manually?

First, you just need to specify the source and target folders only once. The project then runs automatically every time the drive is connected. You don’t even need to run the backup tool OR click on ZtB screen. Backup starts as soon as you connect the drive to the computer. Second, only the modified files and folders are copied. So the backup times (and the drive wear and tear) are greatly reduced.

Q Why is the requirement that all the target folders of a project MUST be in the same drive?

The project file itself will be created on the target drive, eliminating any other artificial means of associating a particular project with a particular drive. This allows us to support much wider variety of drives than is possible otherwise. If your target folders are spread across different drives, simply create one project for each of those drives. ZtB can handle any number of projects on a given machine..

Q Can I use the same backup drive to backup from different machines? (Won’t there be a confusion/conflict)?

Yes, you can. There will be no conflict at all. The project files will be kept separate (as long as you name them differently) and project created from one machine will not be run on another. Just make sure that you don’t backup files from different machines into the SAME target folder.

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